Wednesday, 11 April 2012

London Baby

So this weekend I am off to London (kind of)

I've got a 'Introduction to Public Relations' day in London on Friday, my old Boss let me sign onto the course as she knew I was interested in PR but didn't really know too much about it. All I really know about PR is most of my friends say I should get into it as I would be 'really good at it as you like organising things dont you' if only it was that simple.. but we shall see.

So I am off to pack my wardrobe into my tiny purple suitcase which has been dragged around more places in and outside of this country  than I can mention.. 2 pairs of heeled boots, 3 pairs of flats for 2 nights 'coz you just dont know what could pop up.2 pairs of skinny jeans,  2 skirts, and 4 blouses, 3 jackets, Not to mentioned more rings than you can physically wear at one time... better to be prepared than not! Some would say I overpack?

Whilst I am on my little train tomorrow into the big city of London tomorrow night, Im going to be dreaming that im not just going to share my friends double bed in Camden for the night, but going back home to my penthouse suite in Richmond, where half of the bedrooms will be walk in wardrobes ( Carrie style of course) And the bag on my shoulders isn'y an (amazing it has to be said) fake Mulberry bag, but the real deal.

Hey you can only dream,



lisadrivesavan said...

Good luck, you should show us what you'll be wearing x

Intern said...

Thanks! Pictures will be up soon :) x