Tuesday, 24 April 2012


So I can’t really complain,
March: Val Thornes
May: Valencia
June: Frankfurt & Amsterdam
July: Ireland
August: Guernsey & Croatia (hopefully) ....
All that is missing now is the perfect summer wardrobe, I already mentioned a few months ago that I was planning this, in the hope that I was going to jet off to somewhere far far away and at least 30 Degrees, so I may not quite have reached this dream, but 30 degrees or not I will be getting as much out of this wardrobe as possible.....
I already have enough floral printed cropped tops, blouses, all things sequined to make those who stick to the fashion rules cringe in the clashing that will go on, ( in my little ‘bubble’ silver & gold can go  together, no matter how many fashion rules they break)
On my wish list at the moment:
The perfect pair of high waisted denim hot pants, we may not all be blessed with legs like Blake Lively, but teamed with the right pair of shorts, we can give her a run for her money ( well one can dream)
Wedges that can be worn in the day time, and not look as if I should be strutting the streets of California and not Leeds...
¾ length jacket, still to be decided what kind... but when I see it I will know (y)
Just about any kind of bracelets that will make me jingle when I walk... hear my coming miles away..
New satchel, my  (fake) Mulberry bag  has finally broken on me, it was a very sad day! (more to come)
Perfect ‘silk slip’ that looks like it belongs in the bedroom only but can be worn with killer heels and skinny jeans. ( I have just invested in a £7.99 one from H&M whilst I look for the perfect one)
That’s all for now, I’m sure there will be more to come

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