Monday, 30 January 2012

Style Crush

I absolutely love FaceHunter, and dont know how I havn't came across his other website until now, I could look through it all day...

I've also came across these pictures on FaceHunter's website, and would quite like the style and clothes of these women....

Sing me a song

So im currently doing something I havn't done in a while, write down phrases I hear in songs that make me think twice, or just that I like.
Its something I think most people used to do when they were in High School, but i've started doing it again (cringe)
A picture can mean a thousand words, and I love how everybody interprets things differently. Same with song lyrics, those few words can mean something to one person and something completely different to someone else.
Thats why you will probably find random quotes all over this blog, they make you think twice about something, as they dont always  mean what you may first assume.
Im sure this phrase of doing what teenage girls do will probably run out soon, but for now i've got pages of 'notes' saved on my Iphone..

'Young wild and free'

Friday, 27 January 2012

Day Dreaming

So I recently went on some house viewings for next year, and fell in love with one of the girls bedrooms I saw, (the house was awful but I want her bedroom!)

Im always day dreaming about decorating rooms and houses, Im always thinking of new ideas and themes I would want. Decorating my bedrooms does become a bit of an obsession, and I am always looking for new things for it. Most people go off to University and their bedroom at home becomes empty as they have filled their new room with their old bedroom things. Where as I now have enough stuff for 4 bedrooms, I have no idea where all my posessions are going to go when I leave University ( :( ) and im already planning my bedroom fo next year!..

A little bit obsessed you may think, but back to what I started with, yes this girls bedroom, she had ELLE magazine prints on her wall, 3 huge ones canvases and I cannot find them anywhere... and I need them..

So although I am still looking, for now im just going to have to make my own, but with VOGUE prints instead, below are the images I am currently deciding between..

Thursday, 26 January 2012


If Vogues doing it why cant we...

For how many years now have we seen all the models 'Smiling with their eyes' it was a known fact models dont smile with their teeth (is that where the rest of us were going wrong.. ?!.. ) lips closed.. always.

Not now it seems, from Vogue to Marie-Clare, models are now.. showing their teeth!

So ditch the pout, open that mouth and smile with your teeth :D

Dream City

Paris <3

Paris is my favourite city I have been too ( though im sure when I eventually make it to NYC it will be a tough decision which one is my favourite)..

There is just something about Paris, I love everything about it, I could walk around for days just staring at the beautiful apartments, never mind staring at every woman who walks past to see what she is wearing, or shopping in the gorgeous ( and expensive) stores, I could look at the buildings all day long. I have been 3 times now and hopefully one day, once I learn French.. I will be able to call it home for a few years ( at least!)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

...And God created Woman

Gemma Ward; one of the most beautiful models there is, her face is so angellic and doll looking she just draws you in. She has been one of my favourite models since I first came across her about 7 years ago in Teen Vogue, the 3rd photo down has been on my bedroom(s) wall(s)  ever since...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dragging out the birthday..

Below are my new favourite things, my 3 pandora rings, Thomas sabo Braclet and Glittery heels from Topshop.
All are birthday presents from friends and family, they know me too well. I love anything with glitter and sequins on, gold, pink, silver, as long as it it one of the above I will buy it/ obsess over it. Typical 'girly girl'.
I know they 'should' be kept just for Christmas or festivals, dressing up etc, but if I could wear something with glitter or sequins on everyday I would. Maybe I should add that to my to do list for the year.. wear something with them on everyday.

Today I am overload in them both, bronzed glitter nail varnish, turqoiuse foiled glitter top from Topshop, black and silver sequined jumper, and a few dozen multi coloured 'shiny' rings and bracelets.

Monday, 23 January 2012

21 Celebrations

21 Today...

'There's a great story there..'

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10th January

So at work I am currently editing my videos that I have helped produce for the School of Earth and Environment website and another set of videos interviewing Graduates on their Gradation day in December. I am really enjoying the whole process, I have been apart of every step from meeting with different production companies to finding volunteers for the videos, interviewing them in a ‘studio’ and am now currently looking at the whole of the interviews and trying to edit them down so we have lots of short head shot videos. It is a lot more time consuming that I imagined but I am so excited to see the final products!
I’m also coming up with designs to re do 2 o the Faculty of Environment leaflets, this is one part of my work I really enjoy as I get to have that input in something the University will use for the next year and seeing the final product of something I have helped design is really rewarding. A few months ago I produced 2 leaflets, one for the School of Geography and another for the School of Environment, seeing the final outcome land on my desk was really rewarding and I cant wait to see the outcome with these leaflets too.      

Better late than never

So I was meant to start this blog a few months ago but better late than never.....
I’m currently working as a Marketing Assistant within the Faculty of Environment at Leeds University, I started September 2011 and will finish September 2012, where I will then return to my final year studying BA Geography at Leeds University.  
Myself and Jo who I work for came up with the idea of a blog at the beginning of my Year in Industry to keep track of what I am doing and to ‘put myself out there’. So I am hoping that by the end of the year I will be a pro ‘blogger’ and will  actually be putting something on here that people may actually read, but for now it is work in process..
I wasn’t too sure how was best to start this blog so I thought I would begin my ‘Blogging life’ by listing 10 things I want to accomplish by this time next year.
1.      I want to finish my placement in September feeling like I have given and received as much as possible out of it, throwing myself into it and feeling happy I have accomplished a whole year of work in the ‘real world’.
2.      I would like to have a better idea of where and what I want to do when I ‘grow up’ ( I will probably use this phrase a lot ‘When I grow up’ as I tend to forget that I am actually nearly 21, ‘grown up’ and what I am doing now is impacting what I will be doing in 5/10/20 years time..) I currently have many ideas and dreams  of what I would like to do from organising events, wedding planner, and working for big name fashion houses to beauty magazines so would like to narrow this list down.
3.      Join the gym and actually go this year.
4.      Create a BLOG..  I just need to get the hang of it.
5.      Undertake work experience at a magazine and help in organising events preferably Fashion shows.
6.      Start my dissertation before September and start reading for my modules for my final year at University, so this time next year I will be feeling calm about my dissertation deadline approaching and exams.
7.      Visit Italy, Valencia and Amsterdam or Berlin.
8.      Have an idea what I will do when I finish University, not in the long term but for the months that follow, such as applying for Grad jobs straight away or travelling so I don’t have this sudden panic of what now?! come May...
9.      Begin to learn French and Spanish, I really want to live in Paris at one point and I know this will be almost impossible if I do not begin to learn the language.
10.   Lastly I want to be happy! To be able to look back over the last year, of my placement and the beginning of my final year at University and not have regretted anything.

Now time to get ticking of my list!!!