Monday, 9 April 2012

50 words

So how do you describe yourseld in 50 words max? Try to sell yourself to someone in such a short space without typing over and over:

Hire me, Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me ....

Although it is slightly tempting, as it coud make me stand out, or maybe just make my entry thrown to the bottom of the pile. These 50 words I talk about is the competition to win a 3 months Internship at TheOutnet, dream or what??!

All I have to do is try to sell myself in 50 words, and send along my CV, sounds easy, I wish! 
 Problem is I will be up against thousands of girls who could win this by there  and then by their CV, by  showing all their work experience they have done, ( mine is slowly building as we know...) whilst I have to try and convince someone to pick me from just these 50 words, I better get thinking!!

I cant describe how much I want to win this, it would quite literally be a dream come true, sooo if anyone has 50 words feel free too send them my way..


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