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Why this blog... January 2012

I have always wanted to have a blog and have read and followed many over the last few years, but I always felt I didn’t have anything in particular I could write about. Those who have the fashion blogs tend to know everything about it and lead these fascinating lives where they actually live and breathe fashion, attending all these fashion shows and wearing the most gorgeous clothes. The same goes with blogs on travel, food, music etc. Whereas I may be living and breathing fashion but maybe day dreaming about it a lot more than doing!
But over the last year I have realised I don’t need to know everything about something to start a blog, I’ve started this blog not expecting anybody to read it really. If anything it is more for myself than for others to note down my thoughts and interests.
I have all these dreams of where I want to be in 10 years time, where I want to work, but over the last year I have realised how important work experience is to accomplish any of this. I’ve also realised that work experience can be anything from as big as working for your dream company to something small and simple such as creating your own blog, getting the experience yourself, practising your writing, putting out there what you like and sharing it with the online world.
I have also sadly come to realise that unless you are ‘blessed’ to be born into a family with great connections, or into a family who own these power brands and companies, it is a lot harder to get anywhere close to getting your foot on the career ladder for where you want to be. I’m not saying that it is this way for everything, and I know a lot of people who have these great jobs have worked hard for them. But it is a known fact that it is a lot harder to get into many of these jobs, in fashion, magazines, music etc if you don’t know somebody. So seeing as I’m not luckily enough to have any of these I know I have got to work extra hard to get myself noticed and be able to have the chance to get my first step into the direction of the career I want.
 I feel so lucky to have gotten the change to spend my placement year at the University of Leeds, it may not be the area of work that I want to be in a few years time, but it is teaching me essential skills that I can apply to any career and job that I go into, not just for a career in Marketing. The University of Leeds is a huge establishment and is known all over the world, to say I have spent a year working here, is something I am very proud to say I have done. It may not be as glamorous as working for a magazine or fashion brand as I wish to do in the future, but I know that the skills I am learning today will be just as valuable here than in any area of work I do in the future.

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