Wednesday, 25 April 2012


So tonight before I go to sleep I am going to pray that I wake up looking like this...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

London Baby (2)

I blogged the other day about my trip to London on  a CIM Introduction to Public Realations day, and how I was packing my whole wardrobe into my little purple case, as I had no idea what to wear.
So I went to the day, not really knowing what to expect, hoping to have understood what I was being told and too leave the day having an idea what 'PR' was..  but what I got out of it was so much more.
Firstly there were only 4 of us there, so it felt like 1 on 1 learning, I think I leant more in that day then I could have on a weeks training course with a big group.
I'm really glad I got the opportunity to go, Im leaning that Marketing, PR, Events, though they are all seperate that today they are all becoming more inter linked, expecially with 'Social Media'.
I am enjoying the fact that I am getting to experience a bit of everything in my current placement (even if it is only slightly in some parts!) and the longer I am spending here on my placement the more I think I want to get into Events and PR.

The dream of course would for this to be within the world of Fashion, but I got to take it one step at a time!

Waste but not

It was a very sad day last week, my (fake) mulberry decided to give up on me, and it will be missed.
The day I can afford to spend £500+ on one single purchase, I will be heading right to the Mulberry store. Their handbags are so effortless, chic, wearable, and stylish, there is one to suit every kind of woman.
Myself I am an ‘Alexa’ girl, the satchel bag suited me perfectly, it slouched over my shoulder, instantly turning any outfit into a smart city chic.
My (fake- it hurts to say it was fake, it looked so real) Mulberry, was bought at a silk market in Bejiing, I am yet to come across one so good. So I am out again hunting down the perfect one, unless anyone has a spare £500, or a flight to China.... Didn’t think so...
Here are my 2 favourites, and when I can afford the real thing, sure I will be able to buy the dream clutch as well!


So I can’t really complain,
March: Val Thornes
May: Valencia
June: Frankfurt & Amsterdam
July: Ireland
August: Guernsey & Croatia (hopefully) ....
All that is missing now is the perfect summer wardrobe, I already mentioned a few months ago that I was planning this, in the hope that I was going to jet off to somewhere far far away and at least 30 Degrees, so I may not quite have reached this dream, but 30 degrees or not I will be getting as much out of this wardrobe as possible.....
I already have enough floral printed cropped tops, blouses, all things sequined to make those who stick to the fashion rules cringe in the clashing that will go on, ( in my little ‘bubble’ silver & gold can go  together, no matter how many fashion rules they break)
On my wish list at the moment:
The perfect pair of high waisted denim hot pants, we may not all be blessed with legs like Blake Lively, but teamed with the right pair of shorts, we can give her a run for her money ( well one can dream)
Wedges that can be worn in the day time, and not look as if I should be strutting the streets of California and not Leeds...
¾ length jacket, still to be decided what kind... but when I see it I will know (y)
Just about any kind of bracelets that will make me jingle when I walk... hear my coming miles away..
New satchel, my  (fake) Mulberry bag  has finally broken on me, it was a very sad day! (more to come)
Perfect ‘silk slip’ that looks like it belongs in the bedroom only but can be worn with killer heels and skinny jeans. ( I have just invested in a £7.99 one from H&M whilst I look for the perfect one)
That’s all for now, I’m sure there will be more to come

Baby got back

So I have had lack of internet over the last few weeks, just a little bit frustrating to say the least.... So looks like I will be posting a week’s worth of blog posts today, lucky you. (me)
I have finally found the perfect backless leotard I have been looking for for the last 6 month, (American Apparel £22.99)  so I braved the chances of flashing, and finally wore it out. Teamed with my new floral print Zara skirt that I am in love with (already over worn)
I can’t wait until it is summer (fingers crossed we get one!) So I can wear it with denim shorts
Here are some pictures, baby got back.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

London Baby

So this weekend I am off to London (kind of)

I've got a 'Introduction to Public Relations' day in London on Friday, my old Boss let me sign onto the course as she knew I was interested in PR but didn't really know too much about it. All I really know about PR is most of my friends say I should get into it as I would be 'really good at it as you like organising things dont you' if only it was that simple.. but we shall see.

So I am off to pack my wardrobe into my tiny purple suitcase which has been dragged around more places in and outside of this country  than I can mention.. 2 pairs of heeled boots, 3 pairs of flats for 2 nights 'coz you just dont know what could pop up.2 pairs of skinny jeans,  2 skirts, and 4 blouses, 3 jackets, Not to mentioned more rings than you can physically wear at one time... better to be prepared than not! Some would say I overpack?

Whilst I am on my little train tomorrow into the big city of London tomorrow night, Im going to be dreaming that im not just going to share my friends double bed in Camden for the night, but going back home to my penthouse suite in Richmond, where half of the bedrooms will be walk in wardrobes ( Carrie style of course) And the bag on my shoulders isn'y an (amazing it has to be said) fake Mulberry bag, but the real deal.

Hey you can only dream,


Monday, 9 April 2012

50 words

So how do you describe yourseld in 50 words max? Try to sell yourself to someone in such a short space without typing over and over:

Hire me, Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me Hire me ....

Although it is slightly tempting, as it coud make me stand out, or maybe just make my entry thrown to the bottom of the pile. These 50 words I talk about is the competition to win a 3 months Internship at TheOutnet, dream or what??!

All I have to do is try to sell myself in 50 words, and send along my CV, sounds easy, I wish! 
 Problem is I will be up against thousands of girls who could win this by there  and then by their CV, by  showing all their work experience they have done, ( mine is slowly building as we know...) whilst I have to try and convince someone to pick me from just these 50 words, I better get thinking!!

I cant describe how much I want to win this, it would quite literally be a dream come true, sooo if anyone has 50 words feel free too send them my way..


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Promises

So I have been a bad blogger, if you can make 'Easter Resolutions' then mine will be this: Blog more..

To sum up what I have been upto:

1. I moved jobs, I still work for the Faculty of Environment but in a different team and have been helping on Open Days, one step closer to my dream of working in events... I am loving everything about it, and although I was originally concerned I am really happy I got the opportunity.

2. I went to France on skiing trip, though I may have spent more time 'Apres Ski then skiing I must admit..

3. Shopping, and a hell of it, my bank balance is suffering because of it: but my Summer wardrobe is looking pretty good.. ( pictures to follow....)

4. The Year of 21st Birthdays, plus side: an excuse to buy some gorgeous dresses, downside: spending money on all these dresses...

5. Haveing a few too many BBQ's and wearing my Ray Bans everytime it is remotely sunny..

Here are a few images to sum up what I have been doing:

 P.S I promise I will blog again by the end of the week, xoxo