Monday, 15 October 2012

Picture can speak a thousand words

... and myself from hours worth of typing..!

My new bedroom.. incase I forget my room..
Walking the hills of Ilkley
Sunset swimming of Ladiko Bay, Rhodes
Ladiko Bay
Val Thoren
Floral print RayBans
Lilos: perfect photo shoot prop..
Guernsey.. swim all the way to France
Catching the rays
Ladiko Bay, take me back
Girls ready for birthday celebrations
Bridge of love lockets
Biking along the river in Frankfurt
Jay- Z baby
£200 later, 24 hours later, passports are swapped back..!
Can you see me?
Filmed for Valencia TV
Cocktail time
Guess who
Plan B
Madres Birthday
Spice Girl Love
Summer chilling
Raving in the woods
Samosa love
Loving and leaving friends
Playing on campus
Need to wear leather to be in our gang.
Family always
All grown up
I dared.. backless leotard
Summer Ball.. 3 down 1 to go
Summer BBQ's
All dressed up
All freshered out
Summer Ball
21st in ireland


The last 6 months

These last six months..

I was a bad blogger. Finished my Marketing placement, had a '3 week holiday, returned to final year.

Had PR experience. Went on various holidays, Rhodes..Guernsey..Ireland..Holland..Germany..Spain..

Started my dissertation.. bored already of my dissertation.. Obsessed with work experience.. Someone hire me please?

Kind of ironic how my last post was about an Introduction to Public Relations day in London, and I have just finished work experience with a PR agency in Harrogate ( thanks to the brilliant woman i met on that day)

Instead of boring you 'world with the last six months, I will post pictures to sum it up instead.. And promise to now become a proper blogger..

Hello World again!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


So tonight before I go to sleep I am going to pray that I wake up looking like this...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

London Baby (2)

I blogged the other day about my trip to London on  a CIM Introduction to Public Realations day, and how I was packing my whole wardrobe into my little purple case, as I had no idea what to wear.
So I went to the day, not really knowing what to expect, hoping to have understood what I was being told and too leave the day having an idea what 'PR' was..  but what I got out of it was so much more.
Firstly there were only 4 of us there, so it felt like 1 on 1 learning, I think I leant more in that day then I could have on a weeks training course with a big group.
I'm really glad I got the opportunity to go, Im leaning that Marketing, PR, Events, though they are all seperate that today they are all becoming more inter linked, expecially with 'Social Media'.
I am enjoying the fact that I am getting to experience a bit of everything in my current placement (even if it is only slightly in some parts!) and the longer I am spending here on my placement the more I think I want to get into Events and PR.

The dream of course would for this to be within the world of Fashion, but I got to take it one step at a time!

Waste but not

It was a very sad day last week, my (fake) mulberry decided to give up on me, and it will be missed.
The day I can afford to spend £500+ on one single purchase, I will be heading right to the Mulberry store. Their handbags are so effortless, chic, wearable, and stylish, there is one to suit every kind of woman.
Myself I am an ‘Alexa’ girl, the satchel bag suited me perfectly, it slouched over my shoulder, instantly turning any outfit into a smart city chic.
My (fake- it hurts to say it was fake, it looked so real) Mulberry, was bought at a silk market in Bejiing, I am yet to come across one so good. So I am out again hunting down the perfect one, unless anyone has a spare £500, or a flight to China.... Didn’t think so...
Here are my 2 favourites, and when I can afford the real thing, sure I will be able to buy the dream clutch as well!