Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Promises

So I have been a bad blogger, if you can make 'Easter Resolutions' then mine will be this: Blog more..

To sum up what I have been upto:

1. I moved jobs, I still work for the Faculty of Environment but in a different team and have been helping on Open Days, one step closer to my dream of working in events... I am loving everything about it, and although I was originally concerned I am really happy I got the opportunity.

2. I went to France on skiing trip, though I may have spent more time 'Apres Ski then skiing I must admit..

3. Shopping, and a hell of it, my bank balance is suffering because of it: but my Summer wardrobe is looking pretty good.. ( pictures to follow....)

4. The Year of 21st Birthdays, plus side: an excuse to buy some gorgeous dresses, downside: spending money on all these dresses...

5. Haveing a few too many BBQ's and wearing my Ray Bans everytime it is remotely sunny..

Here are a few images to sum up what I have been doing:

 P.S I promise I will blog again by the end of the week, xoxo

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