Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dragging out the birthday..

Below are my new favourite things, my 3 pandora rings, Thomas sabo Braclet and Glittery heels from Topshop.
All are birthday presents from friends and family, they know me too well. I love anything with glitter and sequins on, gold, pink, silver, as long as it it one of the above I will buy it/ obsess over it. Typical 'girly girl'.
I know they 'should' be kept just for Christmas or festivals, dressing up etc, but if I could wear something with glitter or sequins on everyday I would. Maybe I should add that to my to do list for the year.. wear something with them on everyday.

Today I am overload in them both, bronzed glitter nail varnish, turqoiuse foiled glitter top from Topshop, black and silver sequined jumper, and a few dozen multi coloured 'shiny' rings and bracelets.

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