Friday, 27 January 2012

Day Dreaming

So I recently went on some house viewings for next year, and fell in love with one of the girls bedrooms I saw, (the house was awful but I want her bedroom!)

Im always day dreaming about decorating rooms and houses, Im always thinking of new ideas and themes I would want. Decorating my bedrooms does become a bit of an obsession, and I am always looking for new things for it. Most people go off to University and their bedroom at home becomes empty as they have filled their new room with their old bedroom things. Where as I now have enough stuff for 4 bedrooms, I have no idea where all my posessions are going to go when I leave University ( :( ) and im already planning my bedroom fo next year!..

A little bit obsessed you may think, but back to what I started with, yes this girls bedroom, she had ELLE magazine prints on her wall, 3 huge ones canvases and I cannot find them anywhere... and I need them..

So although I am still looking, for now im just going to have to make my own, but with VOGUE prints instead, below are the images I am currently deciding between..

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